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Pregnancy Poses Challenges for Pelvic Stability

Why should we accept pain in pregnancy as a foregone conclusion?

To be sure, there will be some degree of pain, as there is a growing weight inside of your belly! Carrying such a weight around 24/7 places a unique stress on the lower back which leads toAs ligaments at the base of the spine loosen to make way for delivery, the support network for the base of your spine becomes destabilized. Add to this the growing weight of the child and you have the perfect recipe for a number of spinal problems including:

  • Lower back pain
  • Tenderness in the ligaments and muscles that support the core
  • Sciatica symptoms in the lower extremities

But this pain doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion! You can control the extent to which your pregnancy creates back pain by using chiropractic, exercise and stretching. 

Pelvic stability is essential

At Family Chiropracitc & Natural Healing Center, we have decades of experience helping pregnant woman mitigate pain during pregnancy. At the same time, we can also improve the conditions for the baby’s development. The key is pelvic stability: because ligaments at the base of the spine are relaxed and weakened, there is more room for misalignment and dysfunction at the pain of the spine. Such misalignment can reduce the amount of room available to the growing fetus, a condition known as intrauterine restraint. This is a key factor in babies that present in the breech position in the penultimate period before the delivery date. 

At our office in Milpitas, we use specialized tables and equipement that can easiliy and comfortably accomodate your pregnant body. We apply gentle adjustments that restore alignment at the base of the spine and ease tension in the supportive tissues. By establishing stability at the base of the spine, your core muscles are able to work more effectively in support of maintaining the weight of the baby. We then work with you to demonstrate pregnancy-appropriate exercises and postural strengthening techniques that will help you keep the pain away. 

Pregnancy chiropractic in Milpitas

We specialize in chiropractic care for all phases of pregnancy. From the initial body changes through to restoring biomechanics postpartum, we want to help you have a comfortable and successful pregnancy. If you are looking to integrate chiropractic into your pregnancy care regimen, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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