Plank you very much!

Planking is a super exercise

This exercise is a total body tonic because it focuses on building the core, which is the foundation from which the rest of the body can be developed on. Before you start to address the issues that have your shoulder and upper back in knots it is prudent to establish good core health and the plank is a go-to. Here are some of the benefits of daily planking: 

  • Reducing low back pain
  • Increasing core strength and stability
  • Boosting flexibility and balance
  • Helping you maintain good posture

The recipe for a good plank.

To get the most out of your plank, it is important to observe proper form:

  • Elbows directly under shoulders; wrists aligned with elbows
  • Push body up and hold chin close to your neck
  • Contract abdominals, squeeze glutes and thighs

Hold this position for 20-30 seconds (or as long as you can at first), no longer. Rest for 1 minute; repeat 3-5 times daily. When done properly, the plank targets every layer of the abdominal fascia with very little movement on your part. By pulling your belly button in, you can ensure that you are contracting the deepest layer of muscle possible. 

Good form starts with a visit to the chiropractor. 

As with all exercises, don’t attempt them if they cause you pain at any point. As your chiropractor, it is my job to make sure your body is in conducive shape for attempting strength-building movements. Planking daily will help you tone the muscles that make posture easier and this is a great way to combat a sit-heavy lifestyle; for help finding your perfect form, call our office to schedule an appointment today. 

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