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Lumbar Health

There are many reasons for protecting the integrity of the lumbar region, a chief one being the network of nerves that diverge from the spinal cord at this point and influence a whole host of functions in the body, including the mechanics of the hips and knees.

Between each vertebra is a disk which acts as shock absorption and pivot point. If the spine is misaligned, whether through the trauma of a tackle or from repetitive stress, these nerves become pressurized, preventing them from performing their normal duty.

The lumbar region corresponds to the core of the human body: for the athlete, this is a region of imperative importance. Low back pain, while among the most common back complaints we see at Family Chiropractic and Natural Healing Center, is among the most detrimental to an athlete’s success. We can prevent low back pain and injuries through a dynamic plan that incorporates chiropractic adjustment, exercise and stretching.

Muscles that are most important to the health of the lumbar include the trunk muscles and pelvic-stabilizing muscles. Using the thoracic vertebrae properly is another way that you can displace the burden of weight from solely being absorbed by the lumbar vertebrae.

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Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C. 

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