Let’s Let Go of Some Tension

Let’s Let Go of Some Tension

Why does my body feel so tight all the time?

The problem is our lifestyles: in the morning we wake up from a sub-par sleep, get on with our commute, sit all day at work, commute back home, sit and relax. Without any exercise or stretching, your body has no defense against the tension that is constantly accumulating. Excessive sitting puts additional pressure on the spine, damages your organs and contributes to muscular degeneration. You can think of sitting as a proper challenge for your body, akin to a very peculiar sport; the smart person will take the time to prepare their body for a lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting.

When you sit for a living, it is important to know how to condition your body. 

You need to know what muscles to stretch and which ones to strengthen. If you can only find a few minutes to stretch or exercise during your busy daily routine, focus on the following muscles. 

Focus on Strengthening

  • Glutes: this helps to improve posture and make the transition from sitting to standing, or walking stairs, easier. 
  • Core stabilizing muscles: this helps you to maintain good posture and lends support to embattled vertebrae in the lower back
  • Upper back muscles: this large muscle group is important for maintaining good posture and supporting the weight of the head. 

Focus on Stretching

  • Hip flexors: these muscles tend to remain overly contracted during a long day of sitting. Gentle stretching can improve mobility and mitigate tightness. 
  • Lower back: elongating your spine at the end of a long day of sitting is therapy for your back. 
  • Shoulders and neck: simple movements can relieve a lot of the tension that accumulates throughout the day. 

Focusing on these muscles means that you will undo much of the damage associated with sitting. If you are interested in developing a comprehensive action plan for preventing the back pain associated with excessive sitting, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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