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Improving Health in 2018: Start by Drinking More Water and Less Caffeine

Water vs. Caffeine

Water or caffeine should never be a choice; the former is absolutely necessary for life while the latter we only deem necessary for life. Some medical studies estimate that as many as 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, which paints a damning picture of the working world. We are living in a society in which plenty of people are over-caffeinated while simultaneously ignoring one of life’s most essential ingredients. What we find most interesting is that staying hydrated can, in of itself, solve one of the problems that caffeine makes up for: low energy levels.

Stop telling yourself you need caffeine

It’s simply not true. No human was born to need any psychoactive drug, which is exactly what caffeine is. Your body may be subtly addicted to caffeine, which would entail a commited detox period, but once you have weaned yourself off the drug, you will find that there are many natural ways of keeping energy levels high. Consuming enough water is one.

  • Hydration is essential for the optimal functioning of all cells, including those necessary for cognition and physical performance
  • Water helps red blood cells transport oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body; improving circulation is a signal way of boosting energy.
  • Hydration contributes to a healthy metabolism, the set of chemical processes which keeps us alive. Catabolism, in particular, breaks down molecules from food to release energy. 

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that, among many other features, releases chemicals in the brain that sharpen focus and block feelings of tiredness. It also makes your heart beat faster, and tells your liver to release more sugar to create more energy. While this is an indelible aid to some, it is worth asking yourself if you really need that second, third and even fourth cup of coffee throughout the day. 

More water and less coffee!

We are not asking you to stop drinking coffee outright- that would be outrageous. However, reducing caffeine intake while focusing on staying properly hydrated throughout the day is the start of a path toward feeling better. If you are interested in designing personal health solutions that use natural modalities to tackle chronic pain and illness, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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