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Back to…School?

It may feel like it just begun, but summer is nearing its climax: nothing signals this more clearly than the first week of school. As the children of the Bay Area prepare for yet another year of mental and physical growth, they are also throwing their spines into another year of potential trauma: the trauma involved with overstuffed, ill-fitting backpacks; the trauma of poorly designed classroom furniture; and more and more, the trauma involved with computer activity. However, a simple dose of awareness and a penchant for pro-activity on behalf of the parents can fight back against these trends and prevent them from doing damage to growing spines. 

  • Backpacks: make sure they fit well, make sure they have two straps, and keep them loaded as minimally as possible. The maximum weight we should carry in a bag is 15% of the carrier’s body weight. While this is not always possible, keep an eye on the books or objects that may not be necessary for that day’s activity. 
  • At home study-zone: you can’t control the quality of desks and chairs at school, but you can at home. Create a fun, healthy environment for your child to study in and they will probably respond by having more enthusiasm for homework! 
  • Teaching posture: help your child become a trend setter by teaching them, or letting us teach them, how to achieve great posture and why it’s important. 

At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we believe in the potential of every child. We also strongly believe that keeping their spines in shape and their nervous system free of interference helps them grow optimally. Help your child to enter this school year with their firmest foot forward by giving our office in Milpitas a call.

Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C. 


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