Seated Posture

For people who spend their working days seated and stationary, the amount of time spent sitting alone makes seated posture a top priority. Unfortunately, it is also the position that most often lends itself to poor posture. The natural inclination is to slouch into the chair, ensconced in the work being done on the computer. Hours build upon hours, days upon days and so forth creating muscular imbalances, poor curvature and structural degradation that can leave the spine in serious peril. 

True support for your spine during the workday requires a conscientious effort at sitting up, taking breaks and getting serious about ergonomics. When you are sitting and working for hours at a time make sure you observe the following good posture code:

  • Head facing forward, to set the tone for the rest of your body. (This may require adjusting the monitor to match the height of your head)
  • Head centered over spine, not lurching forward 
  • Sitting upright, shoulders back and buttocks touching the back of the chair
  • Supported lordotic curve
  • Weight of torso distributed between the hips
  • Legs at 90 degrees or slightly higher, supporting weight of torso without pressing on the feet too much 
  • Feet flat on the floor. 

Posture and ergonomics overlap, and while your ergonomic set up should make proper posture easier, it is important to have a knowledge of what good posture actually looks like. Call our office in Milpitas at (408) 263-8025 to set up an appointment and start yourself on the road to a more health conscious back care lifestyle today.  

Dr. Gregory Lind, D.C.

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