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A Calm Christmastime Thanks to Chiropractic

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Establish body balance and discover mental quietude this holiday season

This holiday season, give yourself and your family the best gift possible by taking control of your wellness. Holidays are the best time for you to focus on wellness factors like reducing stress by increasing the amount of time you spend with family and friends. But on the opposite side of the coin, the holidays can actually increase stress as we worry about finances and social commitments on top of an already busy schedule. Balance, as ever, is of essential importance. Balance is at the core of chiropractic theory and we want you to benefit from our expertise. 

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Focus on Strengthening Your Back Muscles

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It's one of the of most important things you can do for your whole life

Strengthening your back muscles supports you in the here and now and goes a long way toward mitigating future discomfort from back pain. At our office in Milpitas, we focus on strengthening the back muscles as a means of supporting the spine, especially the segment in the lower back which is responsible for weight-bearing activities. Focusing on strength here allows you to minimize the toll that compression takes on your spine. 

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Osteoporosis On the Rise

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With an aging population, osteoporosis rates are likely to rise. 

Osteoporosis is a reality we all have to contend with: at some point in our thirties, our bones begin to lose mineral density and weaken. At first, this condition doesn't have any outward symptoms; however, if we don't take action, our weakening bones will leave us vulnerable to serious injury.

The first time many people find out they have osteoporosis is when they break a bone. In this way, osteoporosis doesn't actually hurt- but the broken bones it causes do hurt, and they can lead to long term health impacts.

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Understanding the Severity of Your Spinal Injury

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Spinal injuries can have long-term ramifications

Remember that football tackle in high school that left you on the sidelines for a few weeks with a sore, stiff neck? Your resilient young body may have been able to overcome those symptoms in the short term but that does not mean that they were permanently resolved. High-impact sports injuries, car and bike accidents are among the most common causes for whiplash- the injury in which your neck is whipped back and then forward, resulting in soft-tissue injury. The human body is a capable healer- if your injury is limited to whiplash, then it will probably be resolved in a matter of days, weeks or months. But what if there was another injury that was never diagnosed?

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Ingenious Back Pain Remedies

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If you have chronic back pain, managing your condition will be a daily struggle

You must choose to rise and meet the challenge! Coordinated therapy between your primary care physician, chiropractor and other spinal health care specialists should provide you with the comprehensive care you need to live your a good life despite your condition. However, it is always helpful to be armed with easy-to-remember, at-home remedies for combating back pain during flare-ups. 

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