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The Best Sleep Position for Pregnancy

Pregnancy chiropractic milpitas

Sleeping well is a key element of a successful pregnancy 

When it comes to sleeping during pregnancy, not all positions are created equal. To begin with, your natural sleeping position may no longer feel quite right- many women find that getting comfortable enough to fall asleep is a new challenge. A growing abdomen, back pain, restricted breathing and even heartburn are all common reasons that make it hard to fall asleep during pregnancy; indeed, insomnia is considered a side-effect of the pregnancy process. The truth is, that the position you choose to sleep in can then compound these problems and make it even more difficult to sleep. So what should you do? 

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Using Your Intuition For Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression milpitas

It’s pretty clear that your spine needs a stretch...

...but you simply don’t know how to go about it. Many of us let back pain carve out a place in our lives in exactly this way; through the passage of time, and our lack of proactivity, back pain compounds upon itself and becomes chronic. We become aware that every day is dogged by back pain and stiffness; we ask ourselves what did I miss along the way? What we find is that we missed a lot of opportunities to provide our spine with the stretches it needed to remain mobile. Thanks to gravity, the compression on our spines is ever-present; because our spines are not designed to last forever, we have to take daily action to mitigate the severity of spinal compression.

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Using Yoga Effectively to Account for Back Pain

Chiropractor milpitas

Yoga is a godsend for back pain sufferers

Yoga is an amazingly versatile tool that can be individualized to accomodate even the most severe back pain. It can be used to target very specific parts of the body to ease your overall pain profile and the best part is that you are totally in control of the intensity. That being said, there are a numer of yoga poses that can actually increase your back pain! It is always important to check in with a health care professional before beginning a workout regime to account for your pain. At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we are Milpitas‘ musculoskeletal specialists and we want to help you develop a plan that will ease your back pain without making the problem worse!

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Pregnancy Poses Challenges for Pelvic Stability

Pregnancy chiropractic milpitas

Why should we accept pain in pregnancy as a foregone conclusion?

To be sure, there will be some degree of pain, as there is a growing weight inside of your belly! Carrying such a weight around 24/7 places a unique stress on the lower back which leads toAs ligaments at the base of the spine loosen to make way for delivery, the support network for the base of your spine becomes destabilized. Add to this the growing weight of the child and you have the perfect recipe for a number of spinal problems including:

  • Lower back pain
  • Tenderness in the ligaments and muscles that support the core
  • Sciatica symptoms in the lower extremities

But this pain doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion! You can control the extent to which your pregnancy creates back pain by using chiropractic, exercise and stretching. 

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The Brutal Reality of Text Neck

Text neck milpitas

Startling statistics that show how damaging cell phones have become for our spines

Cell phones have moved into our lives to stay. Until we can migrate cell phone functionality into our actual brains, this office of chiropractic can’t see our reliance on handheld devices becoming any less prevalent. But it is worth checking yourself to determine whether your heavy cell phone use could be hurting your spine. Here are some stats that apply to the general population:

  • The average person spends between 2-4 hours a day looking at their phone 
  • 26% of car accidents involve phone usage
  • 75% of cell phone users start their day by looking at their phone

Do you check your phone in the shower or while you are going to the bathroom? How about sleeping with your cell phone on and close to your pillow? The stats show that we are using our cell phones more than ever, and in more situations than ever. Because we are chiropractors, we like to focus on the effects of cell phones on our spines. Unfortunately, this is one of the parts of the bodies that receives a disproportionate amount of damage from cell phone use. 

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