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Flexion Addresses the Muscular Imbalances That Threaten Your Spine

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Why choose flexion?

Not everyone should. Especially people with severe back pain, herniated discs, or sciatica. Flexion, which refers to movements that bend the spine forward, can increase compression in the lower back. However, for certain conditions, flexion can actually help redress the systemic muscular imbalance and spinal misalignment that is making your life so uncomfortable. At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we use flexion-based exercises to help people with the following problems:

  • Anterior pelvic tilt
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Core instability

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Excessive Standing Does Your Spine No Favors

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Preventing the muscle fatigue that comes with excessive standing

If you stand in the same position all day, you are brutally aware of the fatigue and pain that comes with your job. The body actively dislikes any position that forces it to remain static- no matter how good your posture is, your body is still going to say no at a certain point. While sitting has gotten all the bad rap recently (and for good reason), standing still causes its fair share of spinal degeneration. A person with average-weight, standing with upright posture, is under about 100kg of downward pressure on their spine. If you are unable to change positions frequently, you really start to feel this compression:

  • The bottoms of your feet become sore
  • Your legs become achy
  • Your lower back starts to ache 

This is what eventually leads you to move- to stretch, to sit, to walk around. You simply can't stand it anymore. Well we have an action plan for preventing this fatigue from taking a toll on your spinal health. 

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Yoga Offers the Daily Decompression Your Spine Needs

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Yoga is a natural tonic for your spine 

For people concerned with spinal health, yoga is one of the best things you can start doing on a daily basis. Yoga benefits anyone looking to maintain a high quality of life, but it is particularly effective when used to treat conditions related to the spine. So many activities in our daily lives increase the  downward pressure on our bodies, causing compression to the spinal column that stresses the vertebrae, intravertebral discs and spinal facet joints. This compression is unlikely to abate, because it is caused by gravity. The best defense we have against this compression is:

  • Good posture, so that we don't drastically increase the pressure
  • Modalities that provide decompression

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Don't Let Tension Define Your Life

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Tension is always accumulating

At a certain point, doing nothing becomes not an option. Back pain, however mild or severe, is often the last symptom of systemic dysfunction. Tension in the surrounding musculature is always accumulating and we are very good at ignoring it. It's why you can go years with vague tightness in the neck and shoulders, or months with non-specific lower back pain, without necessarily doing anything about it. As we ignore, this tension is pulling our spines out of alignment, devastating our posture and putting untold pressure on intervertebral discs. The degeneration that is likely to result will be painful which is why we always ask: why is the standard policy to ignore, ignore, ignore. 

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Start Retraining Your Spine Today

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Are you training your spine into an unhealthy holding pattern?

The less we pay attention to posture, the more our spine suffers. It’s amazing how much damage is caused by sitting- in fact, it is more than damage. It contributes to a full-on restructuring of our musculoskeletal being-shortening certain muscles, letting others waste away from lack of use; all of this pulls our spine out of alignment and creates systemic tension that takes us down the road toward spinal pain and degeneration. So how do we start retraining our spines out of these horrible holding patterns? The answer starts in your very own home. 

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