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Postpartum Chiropractic: Rehabilitation Begins

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Postpartum life is a rollercoaster

It starts in the first 6-12 hours after delivery, which constitute the acute postpartum phase; the next 2-6 weeks are known as subacute; and the delayed period can last for up to 6 months after that. It is going to be a struggle, and you are going to need allies on your side to help you through. The brutal reality is that over 75% of women report at least one health-related problem during the postpartum phase. These problems range from simple physical discomforts to feelings of depression and alienation from both yourself and your newborn child. All women deserve a helping hand through the postpartum period, as they attempt to rehabilitate their bodies and minds, and get used to life with a new child! 

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Our Problem with Poor Posture

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Posture is the first safeguard against pain

But it is a double-edged sword; because it is also one of the main causative factors in spinal pain. The fact is poor posture translates immediately to poor mobility. Once mobility in the spinal joints is reduced, we move less effectively, and leave ourselves open to spinal degeneration and the resulting pain and dysfunction. That is why posture forms a key part of our wellness management here at Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center. We know that posture is the frontline for spinal healthcare. So how can we help?

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Soft Tissue Therapy is Effective Pain Relief

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Soft tissue therapy: not just a fancy name for massage

Massage is such a versatile tool. It starts with the touch of another human's hand: at it's most basic form, massage is just soothing. It makes us feel comfortable to be touched in a purposeful, relaxing manner. Professional massage ratchets up this relaxation by targeting specific regions that are designed to relax muscles and calm the mind. On the far end of this scale lies soft tissue therapy, whose main goal goes beyond all of this and seeks to rehabilitate. Soft tissue therapy is particularly prevalent in sports- athletes use it to manage and prevent injuries, and increase the effectiveness of recovery between exercise. 

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Taking Back Control of Your Spinal Health Habits

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It's time to stop being lazy...

...about your spinal health; it is something we are good at putting to the back of the priorities queue. We always say: in the end, our health and well-being is all that matters. While we invest lots of time and effort into managing stress and lowering anxiety, our spines are often not treated in an equal light. We go to work each day feeling the stiffness and soreness growing in our spines, but we ignore the pain, telling ourselves that we will deal with it later. But when "later," comes, it could be crippling. It's time to stop indulging your bad spinal health habits and replacing them with healthy ones today. 

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Stress is a Silent Killer

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Why we hate stress

Stress is supposed to be useful. So why does it come to dominate our lives and harm our bodies and minds? The answer is most often because we allow it to run unchecked in our lives until we reach a wall. And at that wall, we come face to face with what is truly a silent killer. From a physiological standpoint, stress raises systemic inflammation which contributes to conditions like heart disease and cancer. Our muscles are forced to tighten as a natural defense mechanism that becomes useless after a few minutes. Chronic stress then maintains this muscle tension as it pulls our spines out of alignment, contributing to nerve impingement and accelerating the rate of spinal degeneration. Is this enough impetus to start facing down your stress? If you are ready, read on to find out how we can help you. 

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