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Preventing Scar Tissue Accumulation to Heal More Effectively

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How scar tissue adhesion occurs

Scar tissue is a natural part of the healing process for any injury in the human musculoskeletal system. As your body attempts to heal, it produces a new, less mobile tissue to replace the older, more tensile original tissue. But the problem is how scar tissue interacts with your other, preexisting healthy tissues. Besides stiffness and pain in the local area, scar tissue adheres to healthy tissues, tying them down and making an entire region less mobile in the process. Because the tissues are bound up, the muscles become tighter and shorten in response. This leaves you weaker in an area where you need strength; less mobile in an area that needs mobility to heal. Even nerves can become trapped underneath the scar tissue adhesion, leading to impairment of the nervous system, as well as tingling, numbness and weakness in the local region. 

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Preventing Spinal Degeneration Starting Today

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You will never have a better vantage point than now

Spinal health is, unfortunately, quite heavily influenced by age. And while it would be a bit hyperbolic to say that our spines face a flat-out race against time, it is true that we often outlive the sell-by date of our spines. Aging begins to affect the spine as early as early adulthood, and gets progressively more intense with the passing years. That means that now, today, is the best time to start taking a proactive approach to caring for your spine, thus avoiding many of the discomforts that come along with aging. 

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Say Hello to Your Center of Gravity

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It's a hypothetical point...

...with serious implications for balance, stability and alignment. It is a force to be reckoned with- a force that can improve wellness and prevent injury if you know how to use it. But most people don't even know where it is, or how to find it. That might be because it's hypothetical- your center of gravity (COG) is the point at which your body's combined mass is located. The line of gravity, on its way to the center of the earth, passes through your COG, which is an integral component of your body's base of support. So the first step to harnessing the power of your COG is finding it- here's how:

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The Importance of Lower Limb Biomechanics in Sports Performance

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Protecting our main form of movement

Walking is part of what makes us human, which is why so many of us take it for granted. But in reality, each step represents a complex biomechanical process that calls into play a chain reaction of nerve signals, muscle activation, joint articulation. On either end of each step, your body is attempting to define its position in space, maintain balance and stabilize the transfer of forces that results from movement. Now, if we are just going for a walk, this process barely registers. But if you are looking to improve your athletic performance, biomechanics is one of the best places to start. Lower limb biomechanics play a huge role in our success on the playing field, both in terms of improving performance and preventing injury. Let's take a look at this concept in a little more depth. 

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The Almighty Warm-Up: Benefits for Your Body

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Are you someone who skips the warm-up?

The warm-up is an essential component of exercise. We frequently meet patients who freely admit that they skip warming up 90% of the time. Whether out of sheer laziness, lack of awareness or know-how, these people are actually working against themselves- they are getting less out of their exercise and, in extreme scenarios, could be setting themselves up for injury and dysfunction. So why is the warm-up so important? Read on to find out.

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