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Understanding the Severity of Your Spinal Injury

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Spinal injuries can have long-term ramifications

Remember that football tackle in high school that left you on the sidelines for a few weeks with a sore, stiff neck? Your resilient young body may have been able to overcome those symptoms in the short term but that does not mean that they were permanently resolved. High-impact sports injuries, car and bike accidents are among the most common causes for whiplash- the injury in which your neck is whipped back and then forward, resulting in soft-tissue injury. The human body is a capable healer- if your injury is limited to whiplash, then it will probably be resolved in a matter of days, weeks or months. But what if there was another injury that was never diagnosed?

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Ingenious Back Pain Remedies

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If you have chronic back pain, managing your condition will be a daily struggle

You must choose to rise and meet the challenge! Coordinated therapy between your primary care physician, chiropractor and other spinal health care specialists should provide you with the comprehensive care you need to live your a good life despite your condition. However, it is always helpful to be armed with easy-to-remember, at-home remedies for combating back pain during flare-ups. 

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Swimming With Back Pain: What Strokes to Avoid

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Swimming is great for back pain sufferers

Depending on the type and severity of your back pain, it may be one of the only advisable activities for maintaining fitness without causing further stress to your spine. Swimming is a low-impact, aerobic exercise that tones the entire body without causing stress to the spinal joints. Therefore, we often recommend swimming as a primary exercise for our patients with back pain conditions that are looking to improve spinal range of motion and reduce pain. 

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A Friendly PSA: Remember How To Lift

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We despair at the number of spinal injuries which could have been avoided

Case-in-point: the simple act of lifting. We all know to lift with our legs and hips rather than our backs, yet so many of us persist, out of sheer laziness or ignorance, in bending over and lifting with our backs. But take it from back pain sufferers: bending forward (flexion) is one of the most painful motions to begin with, and when you add the lifting of weight into that scenario it can be downright impossible. It increases the amount of overall compression on our spines and strains the supportive musculature to the max. This should tell us that we need to be careful when lifting. In case you forgot, here's how to lift properly:

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Runners Suffering With Lower Back Pain

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Running can be detrimental to the spine

As good as it is for aerobic fitness, endurance training and overall wellness, you have to know when your running habit (for some, read: addiction) is causing a problem for your spine. Running is a compression-heavy sport: every footfall creates a compression for the joints and discs of your spine. This repetitive compression creates a wear and tear that can be hard to bear for people with back pain. For others, running can actually create spinal health problems or aggravate previously unseen ones. Know that we are not trying to deter you from running; instead, we want to keep you aware of the dangers of running and therefore stay ahead of injury. 

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