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Cervical Range of Motion for Sports

Cervical range of motion

When it comes to the movement of your neck, seven is your lucky number: seven is the number of vertebrae in the cervical region, supporting your head and allowing it to move. Moving your neck from side to side, forward and back is a range of motion that many of us take for granted until unrestricted motion is gone. For athletes, the cervical region’s health should be a priority; how can you reasonably expect to make the perfect pass with a neck that can barely move?

Because of their crucial location at the base of the skull, no other vertebrae are more vulnerable to injury. Football players sustain tackles that impart traumatic forces akin to automobile accidents upon their spine: this whiplash effect leaves many athletes with misaligned vertebrae, tender muscles and damaged tissues. But other factors that are within your control can have a similar, albeit slower occurring, effect: poor posture while running, tackling or making many athletic motions can contribute to stiff muscles, causing pain and impacting flexibility.

At Family Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center, we would like to encourage people to not only have an awareness of cervical range of motion, but also to proactively use their exercise to strengthen the muscles and tendons of the neck, so that injury does not occur. We provide advise for stretches and exercises that are easy to incorporate into any body’s routine. If injury does occur, we have the hands-on treatment that will heal you in no time: chiropractic adjustments are great for mobilizing joints that may have left you stiff, and massage techniques will restore blood flow to damaged muscles.

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