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Do you know the Muscles that Matter for Core Stability?

Core stability Milpitas

Why is core stability important?

Core stability may as well mean spinal stability, which is why it is important to develop your core as more than just a nice looking six pack. There is a whole network of muscles here that work together to support your spine and prevent injury from daily movement. Weakness in the core muscles is one of the most culpable elements for spinal dysfunction and back pain. A strong core will: 

  • support your spine
  • allow you to perform daily motions without incurring injury
  • contribute to good posture
  • keep you upright and pain free as you get older 

So what are the muscles within the core that are so important? Let's meet one set.

Milpitas, meet your erector spinae muscles, an important set of muscles for stability in the lower back

The erector spinae muscles run from the base of your skull down to the sacrum, comprising the core muscles along the way. They support your spine from top to bottom as well as your head, allowing for lateral trunk flexion but more importantly trunk extension. If you have ever sat up straight in your chair after slumping for an extended period of time, you have experienced the sensation of activating your erector spinae muscles. Weakness in the erector spinae muscles puts your back at risk for strain and thus, is often present when people complain of indiscriminate back pain.

How we help establish core stability and reduce back pain in Milpitas 

Exercises such as deadlifts, and back extension exercises performed with different equipment are important for adding strength the erector spinae- but there are stretches and strengthening movements that can be done without gym equipment as well. If you suspect that weak core muscles are contributing to your back pain, give our office in Milpitas a call to schedule an appointment today. It is always a good idea to converse with a health professional before starting any new regime for strengthening muscles that support the spine. We can ensure your spine and supportive muscles are balanced and ready to receive the benefits of exercise as well as advise you on which exercises will benefit your body best. 

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